Game 125 // Ninth Inning, New York // You Still Believe in Me



I need a resident Mets fan here.

Like those guys on Pawn Stars they bring in to give prices on Batman action figures and signed photos of The Monkees.

After a win like this, come down to the store and tell me: are you letting yourself believe?



The Mets are 12-2.

We don’t know how, but they are.

The kind of season we haven’t seen in a long time. The kind we didn’t even see when they won the pennant in 2015—having clung to .500 until the Cespedes trade in July, and the take-off from there.

A beginning like they’ve never begun.



And a year that feels a bit more special than most. When Ed Charles passed away. Then Rusty Staub. And almost 50 seasons since the ’69 team, the one that made October a miracle.



And so, this time around, you Mets fans want to witness again something special. To spend a summer in wonder. At the ballpark. As the noisy airport sky over Flushing meets its rival in the sound of ecstatic winning.

When you see this team, these wins, this Wilmer Flores home run, crushed into the seats in left-center.

Do you believe?



When you’ve had your hopes ruined, a few too many times.

But then these Mets go 12-2.

Can you find some room to believe?