Game 123 // Fourteenth Inning, New York // You’ll Always Have This, O’s Fans



Week one of the 2018 baseball season, done. Back to a world where standings matter, where the contenders emerge.

Where the Orioles, in some sort of universe where five-month-long spans of luck exist, just might be able to stick around for an AL East race.

Maybe.They’re 3-5, even after today. But, maybe. Wild Card. Maybe.

You’ll always have April 6th, 2018, O’s fans. You’ll always have this.

In the third, Manny Machado went deep for the second time.



In the 12th, Mychal Givens made the best block of the plate you might see all year—stopping a walkoff slide into home from Didi Gregorius.



And in the top of the 14th, with the bases loaded, this:



Pedro Alvarez. Giving it the ol’ college try. Keeping Baltimore baseball in the realm of the respectable. Hitting a grand slam just over the wall in right-center. O’s up 7-3. Yankee Stadium. Against the team each pundit said will win it all. They, in their pinstripes, their enormous ballpark, their money, their pride, their lineup no other team could afford.

With the Orioles, in their black unis, somehow upstaging the Yankees completely. Cooler, more likeable, and for tonight, better.

You’ll always have tonight, O’s fans.


We’ll always have April 6th.